Movie Poster: Winter Forest Synopsis

There’s a forest which is been cursed by a dark witch and that place become “forever winter” forest. Even the season around the forest always changes, the forest doesn’t. There’s a myth that inside the forest, we can find a blue stone which is can fulfill people wishes. But there’s so many monster inside the forest which is also cursed together with the forest, no one know how it looks like inside since whoever dare to go into the forest never come back. People said only someone who has a pure heart can go there and come back alive. Alice already find everyone who can help her to get information about the forest, she already looks for the entire town, looking for someone know about the forest. She really want to know how to get into the forest and come back alive since her father was trapped there 2 years ago when her father go there to get the stone just like the other do. She keep looking but no one can help her until she give up and decided to go to the forest alone and looking for her father there. She prepare anything before she go, food and everything she will need later. On the way to go there, she keep thinking what thing could possibly in there. She keep thinking and after a while, she look around, and she realized she already in the forest. She start walking very slow, look to the left and right carefully and she know, she’s not alone. And after few hours she walk, suddenly a kid appear in front of her. She doesn’t know from where the kid is but the kid just come to her and said that Alice has a beautiful heart and asked her what she want. Alice say she want her father. But the kid just smile, and gave her a blue stone. A stone that everyone would die for. The kid just say, if you are good, you’ll have what you want, if you are not, you’ll just become one of them. Alice was so surprise when she see the stone drown into her hand and her hand become so cold and cold and she faint there. After a while, she finally woke up and she was shock with what in front of her right now. A big scary monster staring at her, with the super big teeth and slowly come to her. Alice was so panic and she couldn’t find her sword. She run as fast as she can but the monster is faster. When the monster almost catch her, she accidently open her hand and a blue light come out from her hand and attack the monster right on its heart. That moment is when Alice’s story start. The monster slowly turn into a girl and that girl named Marry which is become Alice’s friend later. Marry used to live in the forest before the forest was cursed. Start from that moment, Alice realized that she got the power inside her from the stone and by using that power, she start exploring the forest to figure out everything and to find her father.

Week 12: Movie Poster

Before using this background, I try to use another background for my poster but since its too dark, I decided to change it and for my background now, I put a bit blue-ish effect and I adjust the opacity of my character to make it blend with the background.

POSTER design